Russian poker


The objective of the game is to get a higher-ranking hand than the dealer has.

Each player can play on two open boxes, and bets should be equal. The remaining free boxes are dark. Minimum and maximum bets and maximum payout for a winning combination are indicated on the plates of gaming tables.?Players place their bets in the Ante box and get five cards. The dealer has also five cards, one of them face up. If after checking his cards the player no longer wishes to continue, ante loses and cards are returned to the dealer.

The player can exchange any number of his cards or buy the sixth card for a fee equal to one ante.
If the player decides to continue in the game, he will place his cards on the Bet box and double the amount already placed in the Ante box. Without having taken a final decision in the first box, the player has no right to check cards in the second box. As soon as all players have decided whether to continue or not, the dealer will show his cards to the players. ?If the dealer does not qualify, a player is paid a payout equal to his ante.

If the dealer has a winning combination, it is alternatively compared with cards combinations of all players. The dealer takes bets from the players with lower ranking hands, and pays out to those of higher value.  
Ace / King are a minimum value necessary for the dealer.
If the player and the dealer have the same ranking combinations, high card determines the winner. If all the cards have the same face value, the player breaks even.

Таблица выплат:
Минимальная ставка 5 долларов, максимальная ставка 200 долларов

Одна пара  2:1
Две пары  2:1
Три карты  3:1
Стрит  4:1
Флэш  5:1
Фул Хаус  7:1
Каре  20:1
Стрит флэш  50:1
Флэш Рояль  100:1


Стрит 40:1
Флеш 50:1
Фулл Хаус 70:1
Каре 200:1
Стрит флеш 500:1
Роял флеш 1000:1