Texas poker


A player can play on two open Ante boxes; other boxes are being dark.

Players place their ante in the Ante box and get two cards. The dealer has also two face-up cards. In additions, the dealer deals three facedown community cards (flop) to the board. If after checking his cards the player no longer wishes to continue, ante loses and cards are returned to the dealer. If the player decides to continue, he will place his cards on the table and bet on the Bet box with an amount of two antes. The dealer deals two additional cards face down in the middle of the table and then shows his cards.

Two cards on the box and five community cards of the flop are used to determine the best poker hand.

The dealer qualifies if he has a pair of minimum nominal value of four. If the dealer qualifies, he opens cards of the players and, based on the results, either pays out on Ante and Bet boxes, or collects the losing bets in the casino’s favor. If the dealer does not qualify, a player is paid a payout equal to amount in the Ante box in accordance with payout ratios specified on the table.

If the dealer qualifies, both ante and bet are paid out. For any winning combination, bet is paid out in 1:1 ratio.

When the player bets on bonus, winning bonus bets are paid regardless of whether the dealer hand qualifies, if one of the bets has resulted from dealing the player’s two cards on the box and first three cards on the flop. Ranging from a pair of aces and higher, winning bonus bets are paid out in 7:1 ratio. If the combination is lower than a pair of aces, the bonus loses.

Таблица выплат:
Минимальная ставка 5 долларов, максимальная ставка 200 долларов

Одна пара  1:1
Две пары  1:1
Три карты  1:1
Стрит  1:1
Флэш  2:1
Фул Хаус  3:1
Каре  10:1
Стрит флэш  20:1
Флэш Рояль  50:1
Бонус - 7:1